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Why your next bike should be an e-bike

Words by Pauls Cycles

on 15/02/2019 11:00:00

There’s no denying it e-bikes are here to stay and here’s why you really should be considering one as your next bike.

Giant E

Commuting to work

How many times have you taken the car to find the traffic is at a standstill, or squeezed onto a bus feeling like your at the front row of a concert? With an e-bike you’ll not only be doing your bit to protect the environment you’ll be freeing yourself from the stress of sitting in traffic and wrestling for a seat on the tube whilst getting fitter in the process!

Ride More - Do More - Sweat Less

Studies have shown that riding an e-bike actually makes you fitter than a standard bike. It sound odd, but if you can get around easier without having to change into lycra or work up a sweat chances are you’ll be choosing to ride more and more often. A little extra assistance isn’t just for speed, if you’re lugging a load of shopping or carrying files to work the motor will be your new best friend.

Start your mornings and end your evenings happy

As we all know public transport can be stressful: delays, missed connections, overcrowding and rising costs, and outside of major cities the availability is patchy to say the least. Next we turn to a car, but with rising fuel costs, insurance, road tax and parking charges it soon adds up. Not to mention increasing congestion causing delays and making you stressed before you’ve even arrived at work.

Compare that to a gentle pedal to and from work every day, enjoying some fresh air and exercise with space to clear your end and pedal away the worries of the day: sounds good right?

But I’m super fit already?

Don’t worry we’re not proposing you trade in your lovely carbon road bike, but next time you need to pop to the shops to get some groceries think about how you could jump on an e-bike and load it up and scoot back without breaking a sweat. You can’t manage that on your Supersix but it seems silly to take the car for just a couple of miles.

An e-Hybrid Bike equipped with mudguards and panniers can get you around town, running errands without having to fight for car park spaces, nor break a sweat. Or why not go one step further and go for an e-Cargo bike? The possibilities are endless!

I’m all about sending it downhill!

We’re all about sending it down our favourite trails too, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could get back up to the top in half the time with double the amount of energy? Electric bikes aren’t just restricted to Hybrids, they’re available as trail slaying Full Suspension Mountain Bikes with 160mm travel as well. Smash it down hill then use the motor’s assistance to get you back to the top over and over again.