What is an E-Bike?

An electric bike is very similar to any regular bike, but with the added assistance of a Motor.

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How much are electric bikes?

For more commonly known brands, you should generally expect to pay upwards of £1,500 – £2,000 for an Electric Hybrid or Mountain bike, and between £2,000 – £4,000 for an Electric Road bike.

The more committed cycling enthusiasts can easily be shopping upwards of £5,000 for top cycling brands and models.

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How much does it cost to run an Electric Bike?

Of course, E-bikes will cost the price of the electricity to charge the battery, but this is considerably less than running a car over the same distance if you used it for your daily commute for example. Batteries will eventually need replacing, but modern batteries are designed to last for several years.

As with a normal bike you’ll also need to replace components such as brake pads, chains and cassettes, but with good care and attention, this doesn’t have to be a regular expense.

Which e-bike motor brand is best?

Yamaha and Bosch are widely considered the market leaders, with Shimano’s system also a very reliable option.

How fast can an electric bike go?

All electric bikes are capped at 15.6mph/25kph, above this, the motor will stop providing assistance, but that’s not to say you can’t pedal it or fly down a hill to go faster.

What is the range of an E-bike Battery?

The average is generally between 45 and 60 miles but will depend on other factors like riding conditions. All of our e-bikes have digital displays that show the battery life.

How long will an E-bike battery take to charge?

Charging time will vary based on the size of the battery, but on average e-bike batteries will take 3-4 hours to fully charge from empty.

Do you need a licence for an electric bike?

No, you don’t. As they are limited to 15.6mph/25kph and don’t have a throttle they are classified as ordinary bicycles so you can ride them wherever you are allowed to ride a standard bicycle and you don’t need to be registered or taxed.

Do you need insurance for an electric bike?

Insurance is not required to ride your e-bike on the road. However, you may consider taking out insurance on your bike to cover things such as theft, damage or repairs.

Isn’t an electric bike cheating?

Definitely not! Having a little assistance can help you reach new trails, distant cafes or climb summits that you would never have been able to before.

There are also a growing number of cycling events and professional competitors within e-bike categories.

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Which electric bike is best for me?

It’s important to consider your lifestyle and what you’ll mostly get up to on your bike.

Read our E-bike Buying Guide to help you decide the type of E-bike that is best for you.

Do you have e-bikes in store that I can try?

Of course! We keep a range of Electric Hybrid, Mountain and Road bikes in store that you can view, sit on and take for a spin.

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Do you offer delivery for e-bikes? How will my bike arrive?

Yes, we do! We’ll build, check and package your e-bike just like we would a standard bike. You can find more delivery information here. Don’t worry, we’ll also do your first charge to at least 50% battery so after a quick post-delivery final assembly your bike will be ready to ride.

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What’s the best way to look after my e-bike?

E-bike batteries should be looked after just as you would any other battery, so avoid leaving them in direct sunlight and be careful not to drop the battery when removing it from the bike. You don’t need to drain the battery before recharging.

You should treat your e-bike like any other bike, therefore we recommend bringing it in for service once you’ve clocked up lots of miles and keep it nice and clean to prolong the life of the components.

Does it matter if my e-bike gets wet?

E-bikes are built for all conditions so you can ride when it’s raining or splash through puddles in the forest, but it’s advisable not to submerge the components for any length of time.

Specific waterproofing details for each manufacturer can be found on their website or in user manuals.

What happens if something goes wrong with my E-bike?

If there’s an issue with your battery or motor mid-ride don’t panic as underneath it’s a standard bicycle, so you can still ride it home.

All parts are removable, repairable and replaceable, and as trained Bosch certified mechanics we can carry out all diagnostics and repairs for you here in store.

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