We want you to be out and riding as soon as possible, so each and every bike we deliver is fully assembled from the box by our team of highly skilled mechanics. Let us know your weight and we’ll even set up the suspension with the recommended pressures.

Once we’ve checked it over and made sure it’s running to perfection – we’ll remove the front wheel and handlebars from the stem to make sure that it’s packed safely and securely.

Watch our short video guide below on assembling your bike at home and you’ll be ready to ride!

Getting stuck? We’re only a phone call away 01362 690953

Tools you’ll need to assemble your bike

STEP 1 Remove carefully from the box


Be sure to use a pair of scissors when opening the box and not a knife to ensure no damage to the bike or paintwork. Install your saddle into the Seatpost, securing it before removing the bike from the box and gently placing it on a soft surface. You can adjust your saddle height after you have set it up.

Any accessories and user manuals will be inside the box, alongside your bike.

Carefully remove all zip ties from the bike using your side cutters, or scissors.

STEP 2 Secure your handlebars


Remove the faceplate from the stem and secure your handlebars using your Allen key multi-tool. Ensure you don’t cross or twist your cables when placing your handlebars into the stem.

STEP 3 Install your front wheel


Remove the plastic spacer and align your wheel within the fork, securing it with the axle.

STEP 4 Fit your pedals


The thread on the left and right pedal will be different. Identify the left and right pedal by their stamps or grooves. The left pedal axle will be threaded counter-clockwise and the right pedal axle will be threaded clockwise. It’s important to fit your pedals correctly otherwise you will cause damage to your crank arm.

Lightly grease both axles and begin threading the pedals by hand. If you feel resistance, stop and reinsert the pedal again. Once threaded by hand you can secure the pedals firmly with your pedal spanner.

It’s important to note that not all bikes come with pedals. So be sure to check this in advance.

STEP 5 Complete final checks


Standing astride your front wheel and holding the bike brakes, gently rock your handlebars. If there is any movement within the handlebars, secure them at the headset using your Allen key multitool.

Ensure your handlebars are straight and adjust your saddle to the appropriate height, before removing any final protective packaging.

STEP 6 Take your bike for a spin!

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You’re ready for your first ride! There will be a period of bedding in so we recommend checking that your bolts and pedals are still tight after your first few rides.

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Adam Cross is the Customer Care Manager at Pauls Cycles and specialises in all things related to cycling lifestyle, gravel/off-road riding & road cycling. In his role, he leads advice and support for cyclists of all levels, being well versed in the sport of cycling. Riding and racing bicycles for 15 years, Adam has competed in everything from short distance time trials to ultra distance gravel and 24 hour mountain bike races. When not at work, Adam will most likely be found on the sandy tracks and trails of Thetford Forest - Follow Adam on Instagram @ay_sea_