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At Pauls Cycles we’re all about great value and helping you to Ride More, that’s why we specialise in selling end of season stock at up to 50% off. From heavy hitting Full Suspension Enduro Bikes to KOM chasing Road Bikes and Balance Bikes to freedom inspiring e-Bikes, we love all things bike and are passionate about helping you find the perfect bike.

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Pauls Cycles supported schemes

Interested in using the Cycle to Work Scheme?
Cycle to Work Schemes are a great way to save even more on our wide range of new bikes and accessories. Choose a bike, hire it for an agreed length of time from your employer using pre-tax salary sacrifice meaning you pay less tax and then snap it up for a fraction of its value at the end of the period.
We work closely with and accept vouchers from the following schemes:
Cyclescheme.co.uk (10%)
Bike2workscheme.co.uk (10%)
Green commute initiative (5%)
Cycle Solutions (10%)
c2w support (10%)
Cycleplus (10%)
Halfords Cycle2work (15%)

How do I place an order for my Cyclescheme bike?
Buying a bike through the CycleScheme is very straight forward.
Add the bike and any accessories you'd like to your basket and proceed through to the checkout. Select 'Collect In Store' this will allow you to place an order without having to enter any card details. Don't worry we can still dispatch the bike to you!
Continue through, entering your details, delivery address, add a note that you're using Cycle to Work and your employer's details in the comments box and then hit Place Order.
Once we have received your order, you’ll receive an automatic confirmation email showing the cash value of your order. We will then reserve the items in your order for 14-days to allow you to process your quote and receive your voucher.
Within 24 hours, we will email you your unique Cycle Scheme quote which you can use to apply for your voucher online or through your employer’s intranet system.
Your employer will then be in contact with your chosen Cycle Scheme provider to arrange the necessary deductions from your salary.
Once you have received your voucher, you will need to sign and date it and submit it back to us along with a copy of photo ID so we can dispatch your order. Generally, you’ll receive it as an e-voucher via email, download and print this out to sign it and then scan or photograph it to email as an attachment to us.
As with most sale items we have limited stock but will reserve your order for a maximum of 14 days. We cannot hold the items for longer than 14 days and are unable to accept deposits or payments in lieu.
If it takes longer than the 14 days to receive your voucher, you are able to use it against any other bicycle should your original choice go out of stock. Please contact us if this is the case.

Working directly with your company
Avoid having to pay any commission by setting up your own internal Cycle to Work Scheme. We're more than happy to work directly with your company to help establish your own internal Cycle Scheme. This can be beneficial for both the company and the employees by streamling the process for the HR department and enabling the employees to avoid paying any commission.
We'll also be able to build a close relationship with your company offering service packages and providing you with essential tools such as Pumps, Multi-Tools and Oils to keep at the office to encourage staff members to cycle more.
If this is of interest to you, please don't hesitate to contact us for further details – info@paulscycles.co.uk
How does the Cycle Scheme work against sale items?
Whilst we accept vouchers from a wide range of Cycle Scheme providers, ultimately they are all middle men between your employer and Pauls Cycles and as such take a commission fee of generally 10 – 15% of the face value of your voucher. Against sale items, we have to pass that commission fee onto you. It’s important to note, Paul’s Cycles doesn’t make any extra money from this, and you’ll still make a big saving using the scheme.

Schemes charging - 10% commission
  • Your selected bike is priced £500.
  • Cost: £500 + Commission fee of 10%
  • £500 x 1.11 = £555
  • £555 will be the figure shown on your Cycle Scheme Quote and Voucher, so that the commission is included into the agreement.
The provider takes their 10% and Paul’s Cycles receives the everyday sale price of the bike.
When your certificate is redeemed, the provider charges 10% commission from the £550, reducing what we receive in payment to £500. Their costs are covered and we receive our normal everyday sale price.

Schemes charging - 15% commission (Halfords)
  • A voucher of £1000 gives you a credit of £850 to use against the cost of a bike and accessories.
  • Cost: £500 + Commission fee of 15%
  • £500 x 1.176 = £588
  • £588 will be the figure shown on your Cycle Scheme Quote and Voucher, so that the commission is included into the agreement.
The provider takes their 15% and Pauls Cycles receives the everyday sale price of the bike.

It is important to note that Pauls Cycles do not make any extra money on the purchase, the extra fee simply covers the commission fee that these companies deduct from us, the providers are fully aware that we apply this fee when purchasing sale items and are happy with how it is applied.

Full price purchases
If purchasing a bike at the full RRP, then we are happy to accept your certificate for the price of the Bike. No admin fee will be applied, as the cycle is not discounted in any way we can absorb the fees charged to us.
Can I purchase a bike over £1000?
Thanks to the recent updates to cycle scheme rules and the new 'Freedom To Ride' initiative, you are now able to apply for a voucher above £1000. There is no cap from cycle scheme, but your employer may have their own cap so it's worth checking with your employer on this.
When purchasing a sale item, the comission fee can be factored in, so please wait for a quote from us with the final total which you should apply for.
We are unable to accept ‘top up’ payments if your voucher doesn't cover the full value of your order due to these recent rule changes.
The Green Commute Initiative 
The Green Commute Initiative, who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer hire up to any value, allow unlimited voucher values and charge the lowest commission fee, so are a great choice - particularly if you're thinking of buying a more expensive bicycle.
As you’re hiring the bike from GCI, your employer doesn’t need FCA approval. For further details, please visit their website.

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