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What type of bike do I want?

Choosing the best type of bike that suits you can be difficult. With so many options, types, changing technology and lifestyle considerations you might not know where to start.

The first step is to consider what you want to do with your bike, what type of terrains and what kind of distances you'll be travelling.

Mountain Bikes - Made for off-road terrain. Suitable for those wanting to get out in nature! Mountain bikes are designed with powerful brakes, tough tyres and added suspension. Whilst they are built for it, mountain bikes aren't just for hill jumping, thrill-seekers though and can also be suitable for most leisure riding such as mixed terrain on a countryside ride.

Road Bikes - Made for speed and tarmac. Clearly distinguished by their dropped handlebars and steep, aerodynamic seating position these are best for those wanting to go out riding for miles, with fun and fitness in mind or for racing. A more casual rider might find the stiffer, aero position less comfortable, however, and might find something more versatile such as a Cyclocross, Gravel adventure or Hybrid bike better suited.

Hybrid Bikes - Made for commuting and casual riding. The cross of the mountain and road bike, a great option for city riders who like a slice of adventure.

Electric Bikes - Made for added power. With electric counter-parts available for almost all bike types, electric assistance allows you to take all of the above to the next level.

What bike size do I need?

Bike sizes can vary based on many factors including bike type and even, bike brand - so it's important to get the right fit.

Whilst it's always easier to buy in person, we've made our handy size guides and have an expert advice team available to help you find the best fit when shopping online. To minimise the risk of injuries, pain and discomfort from the wrong bike, it's always worth investing in an in-store bike fit to get a perfect bike.